Employment Law

Employment law matters may affect employees and employers alike. This field of law covers a number of key issues that pertain to employment, a condition where a person is working for pay. This may include pay-related matters, such as wage and hour claims, severance pay or overtime. It may also include cases involving alleged mistreatment at the workplace, such as discrimination or sexual harassment. It may also involve drafting employment contracts or handling lawsuits related to an alleged breach of contract. An attorney may represent employers, employees, or both in employment law matters.

Protecting Employee Rights

Employees throughout the U.S. have the right to work in a safe environment. They have the right to fair opportunities, free from discrimination due to age, gender, religious beliefs, political beliefs or nationality. They also have the right to receive fair wages based upon the state in which they are working. Each state has its own specific implementation of employment laws and legal recourse for wronged employees to take. That is why it is important to involve a local attorney who is familiar with the laws in your area.

Employment Defense

Employers may benefit greatly from having legal counsel in the event of any type of claim or lawsuit filed against them by an employee. They may also be able to avoid problems in the first place by working with an attorney who can ensure full compliance with various employment laws as they pertain to the area in which they are located, the type of company and the number of employees.

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