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Navigating the complexities of the family law system can be confusing and overwhelming, whether you are going through an amicable divorce, a high-conflict divorce, or another family law issue. We know that divorce and parenting issues can have significant impact on your life, and if you have children, on their lives as well. Our law office provides an extraordinary level of personal attention so that you can achieve the best results possible. We represent our clients aggressively while maintaining a respectful demeanor with the opposing party.

Our firm strives to practice family law with Christian principles. Our purpose as attorneys in family law is to peacefully resolve disputes in hopes that court intervention and dispute is minimal (1 Corinthians 6).

Whether you are considering a divorce, your spouse is divorcing you, or you are facing other family law issues, our firm is honored to walk with you through this difficult, trying, and important time in your life.

Our Firm

If you are visiting this website, it is likely that you and your family are in the midst of a strenuous conflict, looking for answers and how to proceed.

Our firm strives to practice family law with Christian principles. Our purpose as attorneys in family law is to peacefully resolve disputes in hopes that court intervention and dispute is minimal.

Unfortunately, strenuous circumstances can plague relationships; this is an unavoidable truth that many families know all too well. Like most states, Colorado has adopted the premise that neither party is required to prove a cause for divorce, but rather, state that the marriage is ‘irretrievably broken’. With this low standard, some spouses believe there is little to lose, and more to gain, from a marital dissolution. But nothing can be further from the truth.

Many attorneys who practice family law would tell you that initiating a divorce is not a big deal, or is even the best option. But our firm believes that the breakdown of a family should be avoided whenever possible, whether this breakdown is a divorce or legal separation. In all areas of life (emotional, financial, spiritual, etc.), focusing on the issues within the relationship, mending wounds, and relinquishing any vestiges of selfishness and self-interest will promote healthy relationships and will bring renewal to hurtful and dark circumstances.

Often one spouse is left with no choice but to defend himself or herself in the legal process. Limiting the damage that occurs during harsh reality of divorce process then becomes the goal.

Whether you are considering a divorce, your spouse is divorcing you, or you are facing other family law issues, our firm is honored to walk with you through this difficult, trying, and important time in your life.

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Family Law

All Areas of Family Law

Practice Areas Our firm has been exclusively practicing family law in the Denver metro area. These are the primary practice areas that our firm handles: Divorce Legal Separaion Allocation of Parental ...


Divorce Within Family Law, divorce is the most common type of case. Many issues compose a divorce action: parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, and the division of property. We are well- ...

Parenting Time

Parenting Time One of the sad results of divorce is that the children get shuffled back and forth between the parents. Kids don’t like this, and there are studies about the negative long-term co ...

Decision Making

Decision Making Any parent understands the endless choices that parents have to make in order to successfully raise a child. When it is one parent’s parenting time, that parent will be responsib ...

Child Support

Child Support If there are children less than 19 years of age, one of the parties in a divorce or Allocation of Parental Responsibilities action will generally pay child support to the other. This is ...


Maintenance Maintenance is the current Colorado term for alimony, or spousal support. A generation ago, Husband often paid lifetime alimony to Wife. Now, Maintenance is designed to help the lower-inco ...

Division of Property

Division of Property Colorado law provides that there will be an equitable division of property between the parties. It is not an equal division of property. One of the technical aspects of this area ...

Legal Separation

Legal Separation Some choose to file a legal separation, rather than a divorce, because they do not wish to dissolve the marriage. Legally speaking, the process of d legal separations and divorces are ...

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities

Allocation of Parental Responsibilities When two individuals are not married and have a child, an Allocation of Parental Rights (APR) action can lead to a determination of the parenting time, child su ...

Protection Orders

Protection Orders Because emotional barometers are often escalated in relationships during times of struggle, folks often act out of character. There are clearly times when it is appropriate for a cou ...


Adoption The decision to adopt a child is both honorable and beautiful. However, the process to adopt a child into your family can be expensive, burdensome, and time-consuming. We support couples who ...

Post-Decree Domestic Issues

Post-Decree Domestic Issues After a divorce or allocation of parental responsibilities action is final, circumstances don’t always stay the same. Often, it is necessary to modify the final order ...


Relocation Changing residence and moving a significant distance can be a challenge. When a parent shares parenting time and decision making with another parent, the moving process becomes much more di ...

Child Support and Maintenance Modifications

Child Support and Maintenance Modifications Child support : If the parenting schedule changes or the financial circumstances of the family changes, it may be necessary to modify child support. Likewis ...

Parenting Plan Modification

Parenting Plan Modification If one or both parents’ parenting abilities have changed, or if circumstances (such as needs of the child) have changed, it may be necessary to alter the parenting sc ...

Wage Assignment

Wage Assignment Instances are present where an individual is not compliant in his or her obligation to pay child support. In these unfortunate situations, it is possible to make the obligator pay chil ...

Family Law Appeals

Family Law Appeals After the court has entered a ruling on a case, an individual has the option to appeal his or her case. By and large, most appeals are unsuccessful. The appellate process is complic ...


Paternity Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is the father of the child. If one party refuses to allow genetic testing, it is often necessary to seek a court order establishing paternity. Like ...


Annulment Annulment is quite different than divorce. The nullification of a marriage, where the marriage that occurred previously is pronounced as never being in existence is the product of an annulme ...

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution As a firm, we are committed to representing our client’s best interests in and out of the courtroom. The court will order that the parties attempt to solve their issues throug ...

Child and Family Investigator

Child and Family Investigator A Child and Family Investigator (CFI) may be appointed by the court to give a recommendation based from interviews of the children, family, and other pertinent parties wi ...
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